"we are rumpling our legitimacy/ like a blanket "

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Andreas Randow
translated by Nedra Eileen Bickham


the country
           that nobody traveled to
no one took
           a single photograph
hardly any news penetrates
           the border

from this country
           where too many old trees
           surround us in a storm

           look, there's a limb breaking off

           firedrake and sand thorn
           kiss each other's sex

firemen burst in
           to put out the initial flames

i escaped from this country
i was cast out of this country


we are lying in the light

we are lying in the light
have devoted ourselves
fully to the language
and to the method
we are rumpling our legitimacy
like a blanket
black and white keys


dissertation of an early god

dissertation of an early god
his freshly-salved legacy
solar wind
moon shadows
the outlines
winter proof
the wood used up
on milder days
intoxicated by her pictures
digs a tunnel
to get closer to the flames
that sentence recurring
almost as if
one could inhale
scent and life
she carried a leaf inside
she carries a leaf away



his life

his life
lived out to the end
exactly like
when you clean your plate
even though you are already full
just to not leave anything behind
really sick
in the guts
go the last mile
by foot
once again
the old tunes in your head
whose dismal fields
will no longer be cultivated
leaf through your own novel
sneer at the characters


read hegel

read hegel
become a dad
empty fortress under an empty sky
the apocalypse, ltd
presents sisyphus with his analysis
should and have
meaning of life
freedom reigns in the wild garden of childhood
experts at the construction site
on escape routes
endless nuances from hellish shadows
an appetite for black
what is really left of aristotle
alphabetical coincidence
warped universe
wrong-way driver between mars and stardust?




Nedra Eileen Bickham is a literary translator and divides her time between translating, teaching music and German, and exploring the unique coexistence of music and language. Nedra is presently working on a translation of Julia Franck's short story collection, Bauchlandung: Geschichten zum Anfassen as well as a translation of the selected poems by the contemporary German poet Andreas Randow. Nedra resides in Boston with her husband and son.