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Poetry by John Bryan


Art Therapy

' ... I'll be able to control my rage for a possible three years or so. In all likelihood I should explode between the years '93 - '95 '
- Henry, from Apocalypse Culture

Reading about Henry
who's forcibly aesthetic
, lives in Brooklyn,
says he is going to go
on a mass murder spree
soon, shoot
lots of people.
He publishes essays
explaining practical ways to
carry ammunition
best target ranges
how much he likes
women's feet.
I also
made an ink blotto today
to me it looked like
someone sitting down
with their back to me
with their spine exposed
or a human heart
or a roast chicken



Toco Toucan

did you hear the one
about a harlequin motif that
follows it's beak in cradle raids
another's downy young heckled
by a heavy nose
marauder jeered pranks
infanticide jests
in the nest
feathers do not always
tickle for fun



About the Author

I have been published in various journals such as Unlikely Stories, Thundersandwich, Sendecki, Atomic Petals, Gnome, Megaera, Pulsar Poetry Magazine, fourW, and Wilmington Blues to name a few.