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Poetry by Joshua Edwards


Phenomonology Tune

I saw the world as
three crackpots of Macys,

holed up in a cave of
mud and rafters, grabbing at

each other in the dark.
I heard them crying

and I thought difficult thoughts
and tried to live my life

all at once. The songster came
with hands of shomoso and

spun through this and
went without that.

I never learned.

But I did happen into a field
left with scars by way

things move in secret. I never
learned, but I came into

something new, and I was
never the same for the

water that passed through me.

I never learned,
but I was learned into something.

The tiles broke
around me, and what this is

is a cloud
that looks like it is above you,

but that really rests as
a cataract, clocking-up your eyes.



Prayer for the Future

It was sharp, the robot,
maybe even a genius

But it still never got
to see you in your panties

And in the end maybe that's
all that really matters.





About the Author


Joshua Edwards' work appears and is forthcoming in various journals. And he really hopes everything works out alright for the three of them. Honest.