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Poetry by Marcy Jarvis




Tug on my Toga
as I loosen your cotta --
throw off the couvert!

Expect me adorned
in peplos and fibula,
ready to enfold.

Ancient cotehardie,
with floating sleeves of emerald
green -- are you dreaming?

You in hanging sleeves,
chivalrous doublet, wings and
velveteen trunk hose.

Dressed in crinoline,
I tip toe in on crackows
softer than pig ears.

Jaunty tricorne,
you finger my collaret,
longing to disrobe.

Zipper so sexy,
sliding teeth with tab down tape
all the way to stop.






About the Author


Marcy Jarvis graces the prairies in pink panicled petticoats and writes: Pigs have long been my favorite animal and here in Germany they are a symbol of good luck -- they grace the birthday candles in the form of small decals and you can buy little leaden pigs at New Years to melt over a candle and cast into a saucer of water to predict your future.