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Poetry by Tasha Klein


It Took Sixteen Years

to discover
that if
he lightly stroked
the far outer side
of her breast
from behind
softly pressed
her body becomes
as water



traction control on high

I finger your photo
especially the eye's high swirl.
Snow keeps falling and everything
is thick, smokey, skeletonized.
Somewhere you lounge on a twin size bed

humping words,
stroking the velvet curve.

Here, everything is large
and I stretch out fingers
before opening the hour's loop.

I have to be careful
for thoughts get caught in trees.

time out,
drink tea
watch the snow fall
from this couch
where just the other day
your eyelashes caressed my knee.

I cry.
Home, is, in your arms
not between these papers'
eerie thin lines.




About the Author


Tasha Klein lives in Dekalb, il. Her favorite poets are ee cummings, anne sexton & james douglas morrison. *gasp* Her work has been published online since 1999. Some of her favorite zines are MiPo, Artemis Journal, Steel Point Quarterly, Locust Magazine & Tryst. She is the administrator of Salty Dreams Poetry forum. Visit her personal site at www.tashaklein.com.