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by Lynn Kozlowski


Mother phones to say there was an old woman who died at the dump. The village dump, where folks toss their garbage down a 60 foot drop. She followed her green garbage bag over the side. Heart attack. Saturday, 10 a.m. Witnesses. Mother said the old woman recently told her she feared dying on her own at home and being left for days, as had the woman with the cats. Mother said to her, "Don't worry. God will provide for you." Mother said, "Put your trust in God."



About the Author


Lynn Kozlowski has a collection of short fiction forthcoming from elimae books. He has published fiction in The Quarterly, The Malahat Review, Pif, Blue Moon Review, Linnaean Street, and elimae, and poetry in the Transatlantic Review and the HMS Beagle. He has lived in Boonville, NY; Middletown CT; Dublin, Ireland; New York City; Philadelphia PA; Toronto, Canada; and State College PA. He can be reached at LTK1@psu.edu.