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Poetry by J.D. Nelson



For Anna Mary Robertson, on Her Birthday:

bees bees the bees
are fine, they don't bother me.
I plant flowers for them --
I might become a beekeeper
in my old age,
or maybe I'll paint.



Occidental Spaces

(almost) nothing's open in the darkness of Omaha.
cracked reflection, teeth and eyes
in the filthy restroom of an all-night truck stop.
a few dollars won't buy a plate of that meatloaf.

sad rain falls on the cowhand's hat.
he squints and shifts his weight and spits.
tobacco juice splatters against the stop sign.
it reads, "alto."
he's back in Mexico for a while.
someone has stolen his stolen gold.

here I am in the New West, at the center of time.
the moon was full a few nights ago
& it's still very bright outside.
somewhere, the sun is shining
& it's snowing.

right now, it's hot in here.
I take my shirt off
& I'm skinny.



blood fire

we = the sun people
& I am the solar medicine man.
I know about blood
& rain, & of course, fire.
rooms of red, yellow, orange
with photos of forest fires
& burning buildings
smiling sun masks
my matchbook collection
strings of chilis
decorate the entranceway
& there's a bowl of nuclear salsa
in every room.
do you like cinnamon? great!
we have sticks,
chewing gum,
& of course, Atomic Fire Balls.
there's a secret room in the
basement where I like
to chill out.
the walls are made of mint.



About the Author

J. D. Nelson is a Fine Artist living and writing in Metro Denver, Colorado. When he's not crafting his poetry, he lends his vocal and lyrical talents to DEN DOMMEN, an extremely loud band. His poems appear in the web journals Unlikely Stories, Spent Angel Press, remark and Fluid Ink Press. In 2002, his work will appear in Dirty Pigeon Press, Joey and the Black Boots, Pogonip, Thunder Sandwich, Snow Monkey, Plain Brown Wrapper, The Dream People, sidereality, The Shadow Show, Pig Iron Malt and The Unknown Writer. His haiku appear in Shadow Poetry. He is a loyal fan of the Denver Nuggets of the National Basketball Association. Visit his web site for more poetry: http://www.here.is/jdnelson Reach him at: milehighstyle@yahoo.com