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Poetry by Charles P. Ries



Ghost boy stood cool
silent next to her lips,
"All my words have fallen into your brown eyes
10,000 miles deep and warm as tropical rain.
Even the breeze that blew through me has fallen into you."

Promising to turn my salt tears
to rain drops of diamonds.
Phoenix feathers to dust doom away.
Howling as I become her last supper.

Resurrected I recover myself under shoe boxes,
dust balls and lost socks.
Dancing like a lover liberated
under a summer night sky,
turning as everything became
clear and brilliant and slow.

Waking to find myself between two pure porcelain legs
inviting me in as if invitation were breathing
and passion were a soft warm breeze
blowing across her breasts at 1:15 p.m. on Sunday.



About the Author

Charles P. Ries lives and writes in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. He has completed work on a fictionalized memoir titled Riesville . His second book of poetry titled Monje Malo Speaks English was published in January 2003 by Foursep Publications. His poetry and short stories have appeared numerious publications. Some of these being: CLARK STREET REVIEW, ANTHOLOGY, CLEVIS HOOK PRESS/HAZMAT REVIEW, BARBARIC YAWP, FREE VERSE, SNR REVIEW, ICONOCLAST, STAPLEGUN PRESS, IODINE, ART:MAG, LUMMOX JOURNAL, POETRY MOTEL, BATHTUB GIN, LATINO STUFF REVIEW, FIRST CLASS, NERVE COWBOY, WORDRIOT, POESY, WISCONSIN RIVER VALLEY JOURNAL, ZEN BABY, M(ONKEY) K(ETTLE), THE ROCKFORD REVIEW, THE CALIFORNIA QUARTERLY, WELLSPRING, CIRCLE MAGAZINE, PEARL, DAYSPRING and 2RIVER VIEW.