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Tha Human Rights Maid
by Girija Tropp


They made a good boozeness out of the surfboards after leaving their shitty jabs and came down to live Not the farm life croonings of town friends that were to remain just that but adjawing to the sea side They lifted nostrils at global warming and the peeling of wealthy from their prime beach estate When the spring arrived so did taut tanned bodkins withtheir wraparounds their panelvans their girlfriends in sunkinis

She painted the boards a shell pink and he carved the outside and she painted the line down the middle a shade darker Orgasmic Ventures they called themselves and snikered

One day she had a high notion to change the color of the boards and that was when the tremble started This moment she put down when discussing plaints Her shitified frinds suggested a solution and when she sulked they put it to her that it was all the rage-same as primer she would use under her surfboard color for lasting purposes She repaired to him while he shed his legumes and waxed his nostrils


A human rights maid

I suppose



I wuz


What wuz I doing

You warn't here

Roadiculous. We axeing a conversation


Not without a human rights maid


You job repeating.

Amoebas repeaticate

Oh joy, oh fleshure

Be naz

Oh sarcazm

Need human rights maid


For party wiz be-youtiful people

What party

Shitty party like in bygone days when love was gay

::::Hey guys, glad you cud make it

Glad too

Red, white

Looking swell

Swellness and gladness be praised

Eyebrows raised Yeuuu, do tell

We are harpooning a lafstyle experiment

Don't tell You've employed one social witch, interventionist, millenial, cutting edge bozo

Human rights maid atchewally



Mix yin with yang, a rape-and-pillage valet Contagious

::::Surfboard Production For The Masses She laid down and he cutted around her with a powerful saw and she was crawling up and painting the wood transloosent and they gripped hands groping the lawn down the middle

How waz it for you


Small hesitation as they both hear some howling in outside night

Spoken truefully

Wanderful atchewally Whatzenoise?

Mebby cats.

Bit lawd.

He looks down at their new surfboard Best coagulation since dinosaurs. Am notionally self-expressed.

Solutionally complete.

They incline their heads to the windows Not cats

Zounds like staff

Ma human rahts girl

With pillage man

On the roof?

Holding sea over our heads