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by Wayne H.W. Wolfson


She walks by. I close my eyes and inhale. Next to a woman's voice, it's always the scent.

Rules of attraction.

I inhale.

I inhale her and it makes me want something different. An exotic flower unknown to me. A rare spice brought back from that distant land that lies between sleep and day.

It’s the season of want. The fountains are all draped with flowers, red flowers.

Red flowers must now appear in every story. I promise her this over drinks. And laying alone, in this moment, thinking of her, I vow to mean it.

She’s gone.

A saxophone murmurs, looking for its band. Flags hang off the stalls. Children let off fireworks.

The flash through the closed curtain is dull red. Our red covered by time and made less bright.

There is a difference between appetite and ambition, but both are harvested during the season of want.





About the Author


Wayne Wolfson is an internationally published author based out of California. Aside from appearing in numerous journals he has recently completed a CD collaboration with Boston based producer/composer Grenadier. More information on Wayne is available at his website and information and updates on the CD are available at this link.