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Poetry by Stephen Dunn:
--Hawthorne in Tuckerton
--Stephen Crane in Longport

Poetry by Albert Goldbarth:
Hierarchy, Lowerarchy

Poetry by Sherod Santos:
The Island

*********OUR 25TH ANNIVERSARY ISSUE*********

Issue #53, Fall/Winter 2001-2002
                                                "A REMEMBRANCE" by George Saunders

Detail from 'O Venice' mixed media on panel, by Maureen O'Hara Ure, 1999.

Cover painting: detail from 'O Venice' mixed media on panel, by Maureen O'Hara Ure, 1999.
For more information on her work, contact the Philips Gallery, Salt Lake City.

NEWS:                           Celebrating our 25th Anniversary Issue!
    When Quarterly West first began production in 1976, there existed only a handful of literary venues available to new and established writers. Small journals and presses dotted the literary landscape, but the market was dominated by a select few, large house publications. These large magazines dictated literary fashion, limiting the growth of contemporary literature to fit their own needs.
      Today's market demonstrates a far greater diversity. Readers and writers who remember the dearth of publications during that earlier period likely see the current literary horizon as an embarrassment of riches. As we prepare to celebrate our twenty-fifth year of continuous publication, QW finds itself one among many literary magazines working to maintain a niche in an ever-expanding community.
      The first issue of Quarterly West, a slim type-set volume, featured work by Annie Dilliard, Carolyn Forche, Allen Ginsburg, and Sam Shepard. If we have managed to maintain and serve a reading public over the years, it has been by holding high the standard set by that first edition and continuing to publish some of the finest contemporary poetry and prose. We offer as evidence of that standard the issue you now see before you, featuring the work of both established writers including Fleda Brown, Stephen Dunn, Stuart Dybek, Albert Goldbarth, Philip Levine, Mark Jarman, George Saunders, Sherod Santos and Eleanor Wilnerůand new voices, Robin Bradford, Melissa Holmes, and Emily Koon and the winners of the 2001 Novella Competition, Christie Hodgen and David Zimmerman. As we look toward the next quarter century, we hope to continue bringing our readers the most accomplished and thought provoking work we can find.
      We wish to express our gratitude to the Department of English for providing QW with its new home. Additionally, we wish to thank the Publication Council of the University of Utah, the Department of English, and the Utah Arts Council, without whose guidance and financial assitance Quarterly West may have ceased production long ago.     -The Editors
                                                                                                "A REMEMBRANCE" by George Saunders


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