Spring/Summer 2002 QW #54



Dusk and the Wife


                            in with the child
who drops like a weighted lure,
flashes down, down to sleep.
The husband suburban, pulls up
a bright folder called Taxes
in the coming dark (his young
coworker in Baja, her unfettered
surface away on vacation).

In the coming dark the grey
squirrel ripples across outside

So many leaves to the trees
this many this many.

                            What is it then?

He opens to the red head, her
sheer bra pulled down
lush strap hard pressed
to the fullest curve of her breast.
She slightly bites her lip
while the wife half a dream away
is pressed by his good friend
against a building. They could be
in Florence—all these angels.



A.V. Christie’s first book of poems Nine Skies was selected by Sandra McPherson as a winner in The National Poetry Series in 1996. Her poems and reviews have appeared in Ploughshares, Passages North, Shenandoah, Boulevard, The Iowa Review, Poetry Northwest, The American Scholar and Verse, among other magazines. She is currently Writer-in-Residence at Penn State Abington.