Octavio Paz   Maithuna
"My eyes discover you

Antonin Artaud   selection from Suppots Et Suppliciations
"Ideas don't come without limbs, and so these are no longer ideas but limbs,
      limbs fighting among themselves..."

Diane Glancy   Some Thoughts On Our Uncommon Language
"I have trouble with the spoken word. I talk, but often
 do not have the word I want to carry the meaning.
 Often it is a macaronic breach of two languages—"

James Hillman and Clayton Eshleman   Part One of a Discussion on Psychology & Poetry
"CE: I propose that the first thing we address is two essays by Jung and what they imply about an oposition between psychology and art. In "On the Relation of Analytical Psychology to Poetry," written in 1922, Jung states that art and psychology cannot be compared. While he acknowledges that they have close connections, and that the connections arise from the fact that the practise of art is psychological activity..."

Karen Kelly     The Red Snake We Woke
"I remember falling upon, striking
 the pulp of wood and rags, blood and grasses,
 uncertain whether I was a blistering agent..."

Cesar Vallejo     XXXVI from Trilce
"We struggle to thread ourselves through a needle's eye,
 face to face, hellbent on winning..."




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