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December 2006

Issue Highlights

Wading the Oil Morass, Aimee Bender Takes a Beating, Hamas on The Ropes?, Inside Political Animal, Roth's "Everyman" Review, The Bones of Ajax, Lessons Learned From the Duke Rape Hoax, Little Baba of History, Outside Piedras Negras, and more ...   Read More


Green Moolah Before God
The Christian Music Industry is tired of evangelists getting a free ride. Norman Ball reports the news. Read More

Interviews and Reviews

Bender Takes a Beating
When the Gertrude Stein imitations begin and the punch lines go flat, it's time to reconsider a writer so widely touted as a fiction star. TP's Nathan Leslie tells it straight. Read More

Vermont Vs. Giantism
Whether it involves the ACLU denying protection from political corruption or Wal-Mart killing small businesses, the reaction of Vermont annoys us. Richard Russo talks about that pesky, contrarian state. Read More

Cornering the Political Animal
The take-no-prisoners blogger says he's a "fairly ordinary FDR liberal ... with the usual bloggy helpings of snark." Michael Neff talks to Kevin Drum of PA.Read More

Must We Become The Darkness?
Don Thompson reminds us of Cicero's rules of law, and the very foundation of civiliation so recently corrupted by Bush. Read More

Will Israel Survive Hamas?
Ambassador Dennis Ross, legendary statesman, talks to Pamela Chaiet about hard Middle East realities. Read More

NC's Premiere Alien Monster
Who is our favorite nonhuman outside the Bush White House? Nifong? You got it. Michael Gaynor explores lessons learned in the Duke Rape Hoax. Read More

TP Gives "Everyman" a Boost
Matt can't praise the new Philip Roth novel enough, or can he? Read More

Wading The Oil Morass
Mike Z, using his superior powers of reason, can't make the problem any clearer: WE ARE DOOMED ... unless ... Read More

When Will Updike Stop?
Contrary to popular view, the Updike novel is a disaster from top to bottom. Sheheryar provides the details. Read More


God's Own Brownfield
by Vince LiCata

The second floor, where we are now, is mostly gentlemen associated with the oil industry.A former CEO has a double suite at the end of the hall, although I'm not at liberty to tell you his name.The third and fourth floors are also oil.The fifth floor is toxic spills, non-oil related ... Read More


Lumber and Lingerie
by Barbara Simon

Zeke's pointing to a girl who's about sixteen. Her hair's Ronald McDonald colored. Tattoos cover her right arm ... She's walking with a kid who must weigh all of a hundred pounds ... Read More

Outside Piedras Negras
by Frederick Zackel

The tractor slid down the highway, on its side, the driver's side. Foot-long sparks shot out bright flashes. The sound was shrill and loud, peacocks being tortured ... Read More

Sharp Objects
by Jen Michalski

I have a sharp object hidden in my hands. At some point, I must be ready to plunge it into your heart. Not tonight. It can never be taken back once it is done, the stab. There is no room for error ... Read More

Mahatma Gandhi
by C.L. Bledsoe

"Shut up, Mahatma Gandhi," my sister said, slapping the back of my head in the book store. This was our name for any victim of violence or unfortunate circumstance, ever since Dad explained to us after seeing it on the History Channel ... Read More

John Doe # 694
by Lisa Berberian

While you may develop a shallow friendship with the people on your Metro route, and occasionally an acquaintance may transform into a deep friendship, or a one- night stand after work, oftentimes, you do not become transfixed by your fellow Metro riders and the ongoing tragicomedy of their lives ... Read More

Training Day with Mr. Zwaggert
by Lisa Kaitz

Though you deal with some state-of-the-art programs, you must also learn to adapt to less sophisticated systems, such as the Wang. Believe it or not, we use it in processing our daily accounts. It will be your main source of frustration, so the sooner you dumb yourself down the less blood pressure medication you'll need ... Read More

A Dream
by Paul Crenshaw

"I remember getting home, back here. You were gone, and I had this feeling they already had you. I locked all the doors. I hid in the closet, just waiting. It seemed like I waited a long time. I kept expecting them to kick the door in, or a stun grenade or tear gas to fly in the window ..." Read More


How Things Should Be + The Eating
by Rebecca Kraft

The father sat in his leather chair. The mother distributed the Fiestaware. The sister chose her nuggets carefully. The mother and the father were not so picky ... Read More


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