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    Boston Comment editor and senior poetry diva at WDS, Joan Houlihan, rides herd on the sacred lit cows of poetry. Her ongoing series, "How American Poets are Denaturing the Poem," addresses with customary Houlihan wit and perception, the literary phenoms we've all come to question. Boston Comment is one of the few columns online that dares to go against the grain.

    "The Boston Comment"

    Our favorite Coop has been with us since the beginning, dissenting and skewering when appropriate, applying tourniquets of revisitation and restoration when not. Whether you agree, or desire to rant in response, you'll be both entertained and englightened by his column.

    "In Dissent"

    Andrew Gallix (France) and Andrew Stevens (Britain) of 3AM Magazine report sightings of new Euro-lit from Norway to Sicily and back again. It's all here: Yasmina Reza, Dutch Poets, Paolo Nori, The Wilde Man of Letters, and more than you ever dreamed. This unique column is both informative and provocative. There is truly nothing quite like it on the web.

    "The New Left Bank"

    Some of the best literary interviews this side of the Atlantic. John High, Rikki Ducornet, Lydia Davis, Carole Maso, and others.

    "Literary Dialogues"

    Digs & Haunts, Ionian Days, Lefkas, Scorpios, Ithaca, Cephallonia Essay, Disquiet on Douradores, I Kiss Your Feet, A Visit to Baroness Varvara, and MUCH more. The lit traveler can't be stopped.

    "Literary Traveler"

    What did writers do before they wrote? What horrors awaited them in the work place? What epiphanies did they have? What pranks did they play? And lastly, how brown were their noses, if at all? Read a few slices of ON THE JOB and find out.

    "On The Job"

    A few years ago we made a deal with "Rain Taxi" to work with them to bring great book reviews to a new audience. What came out of this fortuitous union was "Rain and Sol," a unique co-branded literary entity. Read our current column, and peruse the past columns to prep yourself before going on a book spending spree.

    "Rain and Sol"

    How do writers and poets stand writers and poets? Truth is, the eruption of friendship cannot be contained. Check out Raymond Carver, James Houston, Susan Hubbard, Joan Houlihan, Jack Foley, Ruth Daigon, William Minor and others on the theme: "Writers Friendship (and enmity ...)." Robert Sward heads up this unusual, humorous, and provocative series.

    "Writer Friendships"

    In Jim Sallis' own words: "Never mind working without a net; living as a writer is like working without even the tightrope, learning to balance, suspended, in mid-air ... There are two rules," he says. "Put your butt in the chair. Don't look down."

    "Writing From Life"