Global City Review stakes its claim to the best of all possible worlds. New York.

New York--the culture of every culture. New York--the crossroads of people from all nations. New York--the destination of the world’s refugees. New York--the language of every language. New York--the city of every country. New York--the birthplace of the Harlem Renaissance, and the lesbian and gay international capitol. New York--where everyone on the street has an opinion and will tell it to you. New York--home of the brave. New York--still standing.

Global City Review--for citizens in spirit, wherever they may live.

Global City Review is a literary metropolis of the imagination. Edited and produced by writers, it celebrates the difficulties and possibilities of the “global city” and other constructions of community...while honoring the subversiveness and originality of ordinary lives. Each pocket-size issue includes stories, poems, memoirs, interviews and essays organized around a broad theme.

From Our Founding Editor
Linsey Abrams

I started GCR because I was interested in using it as a kind of literary imagination, its members a collective of writers dedicated to creating a resonant space. I also started a reading series where writers and readers could expect an editorial point of view that was an investigation and interpretation of literature, ideas, societies, psychologies, intellectual constructions and cultures. So in both the public programming and the magazine I was exploring ideas that interested me. I consider the thematic issues artistic and intellectual projects, each as more than the sum of its individually authored parts. The pieces are chosen for their originality and the convincing information they bring to the reader--and fine writing is of course efficacy of form married to exactitude of vocabulary. Taken together the pieces comment on topics in ways that illuminate innate structures and ask philosophical, social and moral questions.


"The exciting Global City a rich treasury of contemporary social thought and artistic expressions, defending a humanistic view of the individual in a complex society."
~Multicultural Review

“A few more journals like Global City Review, and literary periodicals just might get a bit more news rack respect.”
~Los Angeles Times Book Review

“Each issue of this truly small (4 1/8" X 6 3/4") journal is constructed around a single theme...while maintaining a mix of post-modern literary criticism and progressive world views.”
~Library Journal

Founding Editor
Linsey Abrams

Senior and Managing Editor
Robin Blair

Contributing Editors
Edith Chevat, Susan D'Aloia,
and Michelle Valladares

Editorial Board
Rebecca Allard, Peggy Garrison,
Jenny Horne,
Alex Maurice,
and Greta Wizenberg

Heather Campo

Web Manager
Wendy Lee

Ana Mercedes Ortiz


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