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  Crazyhorse This journal has published some of the most important writers of the last half century, including John Updike, Raymond Carver, Jorie Graham, John Ashbery, Carolyn Forché, and many more. You’ll find work from Pulitzer Prize and National Book Award winners, Guggenheim fellows, and NEA fellowship recipients. Have we said enough?

Marlboro Review Chiefed by the irrepressible Ellen Dudley in Vermont, MR publishes an eclectic array of darn good poetry and fiction. Their Marlboro Prize for Poetry has gained distinction as one of the foremost poetry prizes in the U.S.

Topic is a new British literary review out of Cambridge. According to The Nation, "Not since Granta or the original Grand Street has there been such an original and absorbing new lit mag." According to WebdelSol, Topic is destined for great things and we want to be a part of it all.

Pig Iron is a fun new literary magazine that publishes new lit as it sees fit. They don't sell hard copy, and they don't sell pig iron as many people from Bangladesh and India seem to think they do. Regardless, give it a looksee and enjoy yourself. Open a page of poetry and drink a Pig Iron Malt on us!

Emergency Almanac seeks to deny the power of mainstream news releases (and other things) by providing us with a cache of experimental narration, linguistics, hypertext, and verse which leans towards the percussive and concrete. Employ your mouse magnifier.

Contemporary Poetry Review, is an online journal devoted exclusively to the criticism of poetry. Their mandate is to provide their readers with a guide to contemporary poetry, and to serve as an organ of intelligent criticism that is clear, spacious, and free of academic jargon and politics.

StoryQuarterly An independent anthology of All Fabulous Fiction, founded in 1975 as a quarterly, it has grown into a 450-page book of contemporary international stories. O. Henry and Best of are always eyeing this one. SQ publishes a full range of styles and forms.

Global City Review One of the originals at WDS, GCR is back and more in-your-face than ever. In a lengthy review in the Los Angeles Times about the history of the modern literary magazine, Global City Review was called a "better, more focused journal" than one founded by Ezra Pound.

Facture is a youth on the literary scene but quickly making a name for itself with a strong and impressive collection of some of the most unique new literature being published. Facture is not afraid to experiment, with language poetry forms, and beyond.

PBQPainted Bride Quarterly is a premiere literary magazine that publishes both emerging and established writers from around the world. PBQ does not limit itself in terms of voice, school, or genre but strives to represent the individual voice, however traditional or exploratory it may be.

Witness comes to WDS. One of the classic trend setters, Witness magazine novas onto the sol scene with the likes of such literati as Kumin, Dybek, and Carruth. Come bear witness to this historic literary event.

In Posse Review IPR's mission is simple. It intends to publish the best fiction and poetry "on the net," as well as nurture the writers who create these works. Those appearing in IPR are not only classic prose and poetry writers, but also writers who prefer the hybrids such as flash fiction, short-shorts, and prose poetry.

Five Points If Philip Levine calls Five Points "A refreshing combination of the old and the new. The best literary magazine I've read in ages!" you know it's special. In 1998 Five Points received a Best New Journal Award from the Council of Literary Magazines. Works first published in Five Pointshave been selected to appear in Best American Short Stories, Pushcart, Utne Reader, Harper's, and Poetry Daily.

La Petite Zine To quote LPZ: "Wrestling words into remarkable shapes the WEST BANK poets offer vers libre to challenge and inspire the most jaded reader, to gag "the serpent mouth of death" and still be wary of "the parts of the food chain that retaliate..." How can you resist a magazine that talks like this?

The Literary Review Contemporary literature of the earth, featuring Portugal, Iran, Japan, North Africa, and more. And while you're at it, take a detour to visit the TLR Chapbook collection, eight writers and poets, one website each. Schedule yourself at least two weeks for this nonesuch international publication.

Quarterly West not only publishes superlative fiction, poetry, reviews, but also creative nonfiction and art. They seek to provide a forum for experimental pieces which might not find a ready venue in the mainstream publishing industry. Every issue includes a section of short-shorts, and a special Novella issue appears biennially.

Conjunctions: The names are legion, the artwork bleeding edge. Who are we talking about? Achebe, Berssenbrugge, Guy Davenport, William H. Gass, Susan Howe, Kelly, Lauterbach, Marcus, and of course, Morrow, for starters. As far as new and innovative writing goes, nothing can surpass the quality of Conjunctions. Check out their in-your-mind website. Sublime.

  Cimarron Review CR has published authors such as Nobel Prize winner Jose Saramago, Rick Moody, Robert Olen Butler, Mark Doty, Pam Houston. Thank you, CR.. WDS is proud to host your vision.

BarrelHouse Pop flotsam and cultural jetsam. BH says they want to bridge the gap between high and low culture, and once you read the journal, you're convinced they mean it. Fiction, poetry, interviews with the likes of Emmylou Harris, + a strong desire to play a violent dodgeball game with Dave Eggars. Where else but BH?

No says YES to good lit. When a "Journal of the Arts" begins a first issue with such literary lights as Rae Armantrout, Barbara Guest, Keith Waldrop, C.D. Wright,and Marjorie Welish, you gotta figure they're serious and in it for the long haul. WDS is proud to play a role in the ascendance of No.

Double Room is an ambitious and brilliant new literary pub focused solely on prose poetry and flash fiction forms. Each issue will include rare and frank PP/FF discussions and some of the best pp artists going. DR takes over where the legendary "Prose Poem" left off.

Minima delivers a unique flash vision for fiction. "The Journal of the Small and The Potent" will do for micro what Double Room will do for pp and ff. An attractive and functional flash-media format delivers loads of provocative and unusual micros from some of the best.

Clackamas Where the gods of headland rule, literature prevails. CLR promotes the work of emerging writers and established writers of fiction, poetry, and creative nonfiction. Published out of Oregon City, Oregon, CLR stuns the east coast with its originality and elan.

Southwest Review Begun in 1915 and located on the campus of Southern Methodist University, SWR is the fourth oldest, continuously published literary quarterly in the United States. Selections from SWR have been reprinted in volumes of Prize Stories: The O. Henry Awards, Best American Short Stories, Best American Essays, and Best American Poetry.

Black WarriorBlack Warrior Review has published work from Pulitzer Prize and National Book Award winners, and stories and poems that have appeared in BWR have been reprinted in the Puschart Prize and Best American Short Stories, among many other places. This is magazine with a tradition for literary quality of the highest order.

DIAGRAMDIAGRAM As the name indicates, they're interested in representations. In naming. In indicating. In schematics. In poems that masquerade as stories; in stories that disguise themselves as indices or obituaries. It's enlightening, even fun. It's D.

Sulfur The much praised and bleeding edge publication second to none, erupts onto WDS with a cache of immortal selections from the likes of Artaud, Octavio Paz, Breton, Rilke, and others. Scroll down for selections on the home page, then choose "selected works" for more Sulfur.

Other Voices An ever brightening sun in American Letters, OV finds a home at Sol. Where else can you find Pam Houston next to Terry McMillan sharing the covers with Stuart Dybek and Stephen Dixon, and getting cozy with Cris Mazza and Lidia Yuknavitch? No where but OV!

Mudlark The nonesuch electronic poetry pub of them all. Sample Mudlark's cache that goes back years with selections and collections, neophyte baptisms and blue cliff verses.

North American Review From Conrad and James to the present, the oldest literary magazine in America has a tradition for uncompromising quality. Their stunning website bears witness. Stop by and say hi to the new editors, and don't forget to tell your friends about NAR . . . Why? Cause friends don't let friends read junk! NAR: since 1815.

Prairie Schooner This magazine's reputation for publishing excellent contemporary fiction, poetry, essays, and translations by Pulitzer Prize winners, Nobel laureates, and National Endowment for the Arts recipients is summed up by Literary Magazine Review: "Prairie Schooner rolls along, avoiding the quagmires of fads and schisms, steadfastly defining the American idiom." I can't read enough!

Del Sol Review The Sol Uomo and editorial staff choose selections from the best of the established and up-and-comers. New stories, prose poetry, poetry, and other forms framed in a manner that will please. Don't make us namedrop!

5_Trope The void cries TZIM TZUM. Bleeding edge new work from the world's most unique writers. 5_Trope refuses to be compromised by workshop outtakes or hobby-hour slipslop. 5_Trope remains indescribable, yet always unsettling.

Perihelion The corpus callosum of online publications, Perihelion seeks to bridge the void between the online world of poetry and the print world. Framed within an artistically acute site are bonus offerings such as roundtable discussions, a chat board, plus theory and practice links. Perihelion is a must for the online poetry feaster, and everyone else.

The Prose Poem The best in American and international prose poetry. Nin Andrews, Charles Simic, Russell Edson, David Igatow, Robert Bly, Kristy Nielsen, and others. Also, don't go to bed without reading PJ's love poems.

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