Field: “Pretty Happy”

Treasure House:  "Shadowboxing"

Epoch: “Nettles” and “Extended Family Romance.”

Verse: (special prose-poem section) “The Librarian,” “Illud Tempus,” and “Wake”

The Party Train: A Collection of North American Prose Poetry: “Bedtime Story” and “Night Crawler”

Quarterly West: “The Worst of Times,” “Einstein’s Brain,” “Sibling Rivalry,” and “Testimony”

Denver Quarterly: “Universal Medicine”

The Iowa Review: “The Provider,” “A Ritual as Old as Time Itself,” “Private Citizen,” and “Somebody’s Fool”

Indiana Review: “The Pessimist”

North Dakota Quarterly: “Pirates” and “Artiste Manquée”

Five Fingers Review: “I’m With Stupid,” “Famous New England Legend,” and “Touch”

Barnabe Mountain Review: “Penates” and “Tattoo”

Asylum Annual: “Family Romance,” “The Lesson,” and “Hell”

Tendril: “Prometheus: The True Story”

Caprice: “Moses,” “Genesis,” and “Enigma of the Stigma, or Vice Versa”

The Wormwood Review: “Five Sure Ways Toward Self-Actualization” and “19th Hole Condom Poem”

Pig Iron: “A Minor Character in an Obscure Legend”

Chiron Review: “Women They Could Kill For” and “Third Persons”

The Alembic: “Concerning Kinship of Cat and Bird” and “The Watchers”

The Mickle Street Review: “The Idiot”

Soundings East: “He Said, She Said”

Yet Another Small Magazine: “The Late Show”

Mind in Motion: “The Accomplice”

Clock Radio: “A Made For TV Romance” and “Rite of Passage”

Panoply: “Sermon” and “Doll”