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BlazeVOX [books]
Cleaning the Mirror
by Joel Chace
(BlazeVOX , 2008)



that peculiar invention betrayal
alice notley

(1) love x (force < renewal) = love
paul hoover

small] is their/other’s plumper
leslie scalapino

a transparent afternoon
kyle schlesinger

chaotic albeit genuine
camille martin

reveille, the silent scenes
michael loughry

5_trope No. 24:

THE "smoke of disastrous fear" ISSUE
March 2008


Editor's Note



words first, then splay
lauren goodwin slaughter

or what my breathing might become
d. seth horton

find me beneath our dark, bird welkin
wythe marschall

like green hands pinching toward God
sean kilpatrick

beneath the normal blossom of age
jamba dunn

the recorded voice of the weather girl
william walsh

the whole planet was covered by ocean
bryson newhart

A glass too much.
louis bourgeois

out of time—here—in the actual 
lauren goodwin slaughter

tired, and trembling a little
chad simpson

hands on their pistols, he turned
aaron crippen

equations until the numbers and letters

will gallien

Love=[(algorithm of sin) x 2] + pain.
s.b. sheikh

dropping from my window like jesus.
margaret sullivan

I'm not even wearing socks.
justin taylor

this vacuous hellhole
marc lowe

for purposes of clarity, I will call the R.
lily hoang

one note lifting over (mountain-shaped
lauren goodwin slaughter

the dream was rushing past.
claudia ryan