Highlights of Issue 16

GA io'Connell of Omaha, NE, won the 2003 Prize in Poetry for his poem, "Self Portrait as Cadaver", selected by Michael Ryan. The other poems chosen for publication by our judge in order of selection are: Charles Atkinson of Santa Cruz, CA, for "What We Mean When We Say Karma", Philip Pardi of Phonecia, NY, for "Two Hands", Colette Strassburg of Prescott, AZ, for "The Din of Solitude", and AF Thomas of San Rafael, CA, for "Possible Endings".

Issue No 16 Contributors

Abel Aziz al Maqaleh .. Charles Atkinson .. Don Boes
Martha Carlson-Bradley .. Kurt Brown .. Ioanna Carlson
Rachel Chalmers .. Aaron Crippen .. Robert Dana
Barbara DeCesare .. Rusty Dolleman .. Gary Duehr
Nancy Eimers .. Jawdat Fakhreddine .. Huda Fakhreddine
Jonathan Farmer .. Ryan Flaherty .. Richard Frost
Madeleine Gagnon .. Gu Cheng .. Christopher Hennessey
Jayson Iwen .. Kasey Jueds .. Robert King
Persis Knobbe .. Sarah Lantz .. Diane Lockward
Andrea Moorhead .. GA O'Connell .. Philip Pardi
John Peters .. Allan Peterson .. Supritha Rajan
Kenneth Rosen .. Vern Rutsala .. John Sakson
Soraya Shalforoosh .. Colette Strassburg ..
Takamura Kotaro .. AF Thomas .. Robert Vivian ..
Caryn Winn .. Baron Wormser

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