the Marlboro Review Archive – Selections from Issues 1 through 5

Kim Addonizio .. The Room

Jed Allen .. The Fear of Algebra

Crystal Bacon .. Elegy

Ruth Anderson Barnett .. Baja Campground, August 1955

Stephen Berg .. Immortality

Terry Blackhawk .. On the Mockingbird Singing In The Morning In The Barrio
A Few Blocks From The Boardwalk On The Beach In Venice, California

Chana Bloch .. Mother Hunger

Kurt Brown .. The Good Devil

Stephen Ford Brown .. Translations of works by Jorge Carrera Andrade

Michael Burkard .. Stars and Forgetfulness

Mary Crow .. The Ex-Husband Speaks

Frances Edinger .. Hospitale Degli Innocenti

Lucinda Ebersole .. Suicide Notebook

Terri Ford .. When He Drinks

Anne Guzzardi .. Metaphysical Narrative

Tony Hoagland .. Let's Get Lost: The Image as Escape in the Poems of Larry Levis, an essay

Richard Jackson .. No Turn on Red

Margaret Kaufman .. Butterflies, Short Story

Ann Scott Knight .. Impossible with Nancy, Short Story

Federico Garcia Lorca, trans. by Rafael Campo .. Sonnets of Dark Love

Joy Manesiotis .. Lament: Moirologia

William Matthews .. Translations of Satires II,v by Horace

Heather McHugh .. Gin Cove

George Mills .. Hunger

Marcia Pelletiere .. Hey, Jim

Ruth L. Schwartz .. Can Pigeons be Heros?

David Surface .. Tuesday Night When It's A Full Moon, Short Story

Julia Herrick White .. To the Rubble Women

Alan Williamson .. Linda does my Horoscope

Renate Wood .. Helen


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