"I want to step, sure-footed as possession..."

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A quick list to poets featured in this issue:

Valarie Duff

Nick Flynn

Jim Behrle

Fred Marchant

Jacob Strautmann

Vera Kroms

Henry Israeli

Daniel Gutstein

Joyelle McSweeney

David Dodd Lee

Daniel Bosch

Michael Perrow

Luljeta Lleshanaku

Miklós Radnóti

Nikolai Baitov

Drago Stambuk

Zafer Senocak

Vera Kroms

Hour of the Wolf

    Not rare enough, this bulb
         like sickness in my
    head, this owl sight ravenous
         for its small pigeon. Sharp
    as fever, a minute hand
         dismantles the tender motor
     of remove and lies down
         in the wrist's gold casket.
    I want to step, sure-footed
         as possession, to the windowsills
    which catacomb this city
         with their cribs
    of casements white as bridal,
         as a breast of feathers.