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About Barrelhouse

What does Barrelhouse mean? What the hell is a barrelhouse, anyway? This is how Bruce Cockburn answers the question, in regard to his song "Mama Just Wants to Barrelhouse All Night Long." 

"I don't know, actually. The question was: how do you barrelhouse? And I actually don't know the answer to that. I think it's sort of whatever you think it is. Barrelhouses were road houses in the old days. They were places where you went and they had barrels of booze sitting there and you bought booze and did whatever booze prompted you to do. So, you know, its kind of up to you what barrelhouse is. There are old blues songs that do make references to barrelhousing and some of those references are metaphorical and don't pertain literally to being in a place with sawdust on the floor and a barrel of booze."

So what is Barrelhouse?

  • Barrelhouse is a print journal featuring fiction, poetry, interviews, and essays about music, art, and the detritus of popular culture.
  • Barrelhouse is also a web site that regularly posts new short fiction, nonfiction, interviews, and random stuff.
  • The print journal is biannual -- issue number two will be released in Fall 2005. The web site is updated almost constantly. Well, regularly. Even now, as you are reading these words, the web site is probably be being updated all around you. If you listen closely, you can hear it. It sounds kind of like a computer hum type of thing.
  • We are not affiliated with a university or writing program: Barrelhouse is produced by writers for readers who are looking for quality writing with an edge and a sense of humor.
  • Our only goal is to publish great writing. Well, that and world domination via the sport of dodgeball. For now, at least, we'll concentrate on the great writing thing.
  • We will try, despite the inevitable financial windfall and worldwide fame that accompany the launch of an independent literary journal, and even as we trail Demi Moore down the streets of Aspen shouting "No papparazzi" and "Kisses, Gwynnie" -- to retain our humble roots and sense of humor.
  • If you are thinking of submitting your work to Barrelhouse, please do. Send us your best stuff, and we'll promise to give it our undivided attention.
We hope you like what you read in our pages and here in our little corner of the web universe. More importantly, we hope you'll keep on barrelhousing, all night long.


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