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This time we're coming at you with a heaping helping of Barrelhousey goodness with theives, the possessed, hit men, and dudes who hang around Sizzler way too much. Enjoy our Fall 2006 online issue.

Fake Fire and Rescue
by Blake Butler
We bought the truck for $2440 and a handshake. It wasn't the perfect shape but it would come off fine during the nighttime, when all you need is silhouette.
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Seven Reasons Why Jerome Likes Sizzler

by Tom Lavagnino
Reason one: the tables. The tables at Sizzler are huge. Jerome has his favorite. In the corner, near the window.
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Celebrity Hit Man, Complete Season One DVD Box Set: A Review That Could Happen

by J. Chris Rock
The glamorous bloodshed of Celebrity Hit Man has finally come to DVD, and not a hunted heartbeat too soon, in my opinion.
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Studios 1, Acclaimed Writer/Director 0, Audiences: Screwed
by Aaron Pease
Demonic possession is making a comeback in Hollywood, both benign (Tom Cruise possessing Katie Holmes's soul) and malignant (Mel Gibson snarling and contorting and railing against Jews and calling females "sugartits"...wait, what's that? He wasn?t possessed? Oh.).
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The Artists of Barrelhouse Print Issue 3: Tracy Lee, Bruce New, and Greg Wasserstrom
Check out additional work from the talented artists who contributed to our latest print issue.
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