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We're currently closed for everything but art. Sorry. We'll be coming back online soon with a snappy new online submissions system that should be much better for everybody. 


We're looking for artists who may be interested in contributing to future issues. If you've seen a copy of the magazine, you know that we use art primarily to introduce and compliment short stories and essays. So it works kind of like this: we first select the stories, essays, poems, etc. The content. Then we try to match each piece of content with an artist. The artist reads the work and creates something completely cool and kickass and yet complimentary and not at all overshadowy. Then we print.

It's not a gallery showing, exactly, but its a chance to get your work out there and to join a community of talented people who are all trying to create something cool and meaningful.

We're looking for photographers, illustsrators and designers.... but if you do art and it can be digitized for print purposes, we'll consider anything.

If interested, contact kylos [at] with your website address or to submit samples (samples should be jpgs no larger than 600 pixels at their longest side. No more than five samples per email please.)


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