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Issue #160: Summer 2007

     Hadara Bar Nadav - Get the Ending Up Front
     Leslie St. John - Eye Cleaning
                                    - Returning to the Arts Center
     Sharon Black - I Want to Live in a Paper House
     Gabriel Spera - Masterful
     James Magorian - Skater
     James Davis May - Elegy for the Lights Going Out
     Patty Seyburn - The Pitch
     Anastasia Afanasieva - Candy God
     Darren Jackson - Les Guignols
     John Foy - The Book of Common Tasks
                          - Under Fire
     Courtney Mandryk - Shift
     Chris Ellery - Mudder
     Chip Livingston - Let's do this again
     Emma Bolden - Were I to Make You Into a Story, 
                                     This Would Be What I'd Tell
     Onna Solomon - Four Love Poems
     Janie Miller - A Battlefield of One's Own
     Stephanie King - Residue
     Keith Montesano - Dual Portraits: Sam Cooke
     Anne Britting Oleson - History Lesson
     Wendy Shreffler - After Balthus' Girl and Cat
     Carrie Fountain - Starting Small
     Benjamin Gotschall - Team Roping
     Christopher Kang - What Would Pass in All Those Years
     Blas Falconer - Not There
     Jeffrey McRae - Fair Game
     Shane Seely - Roanoke

     Kristina Riggle - Connection Lost
     J. Chris Rock - Purgatories
     Matt Williamson - Preacher
     W. Tsung-yan Kwong - The Center of the Universe

     Matthew Roberts - Donny Isn't There When Tom Calls Me for a Ride

     Gerald Cournoyer - Raven Series #7

Contributor's Notes

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