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Photos from the Launch Party for Barrelhouse Issue Two, Featuring the Photo Essay, "How to Get Kicked Out of a Poetry Reading." 

Joe Killiany and Dan Brady get the evening started.

Emcee Killiany rocks the microphone.

Mike Ingram does his best Lee Klein impression on "All Aboard the Bloated Boat: Arguments in Favor of Barry Bonds."

The crowd anxiously awaits more Barrelhousey goodness.

Dave Housley drops some Swayze on the crowd.

Aaron Pease reads an elegy for a dead professional wrestler.

Winner of the Barrelhouse Invitational: Patrick Swayze edition, Dave Longaker explains why he is the cooler and we will always be the bouncers.
Thanks to everybody who came out to the launch party! Now please click here to enjoy the photo essay, "How to Get Kicked Out of a Poetry Reading."


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